Thursday, 6 May 2021

5th May 2021

Departure Port: Allington Marina
Departure Time: 14:56
Departure Port Location: Castle Road, Maidstone
Waypoint 1: Tovil Bridge
Waypoint 1 Position: 22 Millers Wharf, Maidstone
Waypoint 1 Stop: 15:23
Waypoint 1 Start: 15:23
Destination Port: Allington Marina
Destination Arrival Time: 15:54
Destination Port Location: Castle Road, Maidstone

Total Trip Time (h:mm:ss): 58:00
Trip Distance (nm): 4.6 nm
Total Waypoint Stop Time (h:mm:ss): 00:00
Fuel Usage (litres): 7.89
Trip Engine Hours (h:mm:ss): 58:00
Engine Hours (Decimal): 1 h
Fuel Added: 0 L

Sky State: Partly Cloudy
Precipitation: Dry
Wind Speed (kts): 2 Light Breeze 4-6
Wind Direction: NE
Temperature (c): 13 ℃
Pressure (mb): 1004 bar
Sea State: River Conditions

Crew Names: Ray & Annette + Andy & Anita
Cruise Notes: After not seeing our friends since before Christmas 2020 we finally met up for afternoon tea on the boat. As Andy & Anita have their boat on the tidal waters at Medway Bridge we took them on a short trip up to Tovil and back. On arrival back at the marina we located Kevayling in her new permanent mooring by the old slipway. Wonderful afternoon seeing our good friends once again.