31st May 2021

Departure Port: Allington Marina
Departure Time: 11:02
Departure Port Location: Castle Road, Maidstone
Waypoint 1: Maidstone Lock Meadow
Waypoint 1 Position: Undercliffe Boathouse, Bishops Way, Maidstone
Waypoint 1 Stop: 11:30
Waypoint 1 Start: 12:39
Destination Port: Allington Marina
Destination Arrival Time: 13:01
Destination Port Location: Castle Road, Maidstone

Total Trip Time (h:mm:ss): 1:59:00
Trip Distance (nm): 3.3 nm
Total Waypoint Stop Time (h:mm:ss): 1:09:00
Fuel Usage (litres): 7.89
Trip Engine Hours (h:mm:ss): 50:00
Engine Hours (Decimal): 1 h
Fuel Added: 0 L

Sky State: Clear Sky
Precipitation: Dry
Wind Speed (kts): 1 Light Air 1-3
Wind Direction: E
Temperature (c): 25 ℃
Pressure (mb): 1019 bar
Visibility (metre/Miles): Good >5M
Sea State: River Conditions

Crew Names: Ray & Annette + Amie, Danny & Louis
Cruise Notes: A very special short cruise into Maidstone today carrying our new crew member, Louis, our great grandson, on his first boat trip. A busy river today with lots of crafts of all shapes and sizes. Being the first good day this year it was great to be on the water. Moored in Maidstone so that Louis could have his lunch then back to the marina for the grown ups to have theirs.