Sunday 9 August 2020

8 August 2020

Departure Port: Chatham Marina
Departure Time: 11:54
Departure Port Location: 187 Leviathan Way, Chatham 
Waypoint 1: Port Medway Marina
Waypoint 1 Position: Medway Viaduct, Rochester
Waypoint 1 Stop: 11:30
Waypoint 1 Start: 11:30
Waypoint 2: Mussel Bank
Waypoint 2 Location: 162 Livingstone Rd, Gillingham 
Waypoint 2 Stop: 14:05
Waypoint 2 Start: 14:16
Destination Port: Chatham Marina
Destination Arrival Time: 15:23
Destination Port Location: 187 Leviathan Way, Chatham 

High Water At Destination: 16:38
Low Water At Destination: 10:31

Total Trip Time (h:mm:ss): 3:29:00
Trip Distance (nm): 17.6 nmi
Total Waypoint Stop Time (h:mm:ss): 11:00
Fuel Usage (litres): 27.62
Trip Engine Hours (h:mm:ss): 3:18:00
Engine Hours (Decimal): 3.5 h
Fuel Added: 0 L

Sky State: Partly Cloudy
Precipitation: Dry
Wind Speed (kts): 1 Light Air 1-3
Wind Direction: SW
Temperature (c): 30 ℃
Pressure (mb): 1019 bar
Visibility (metre/Miles): Moderate 2M-5M
Sea State: Smooth 0.1-0.5m

Crew Names: Ray & Annette
Cruise Notes: Run out on an upriver trip. Haven't used the boat since June and desperate to get out on the water again, this year will be one to write off with all that is going on. We will try and get a couple more trips logged before we take her back up to Allington for her annual service.

Starter by going upriver but by the time we had reached Port Medway Marina I had spent most of the time looking at the depth gauge! To early on the tide so said hello to some friends at Port Medway and turned to head out to the Medway Estuary. Ran out to Mussel Bank, hove to for a refreshing drink then turned to head back to Chatham. Usual weekend sailors out, tearing around at speed, no safety precautions, passing on the wrong side etc. etc. All adds to the fun trying to avoid them.

Called up Chatham Marina at 14:35 hrs for entry, finally locked in at 15:35 hrs, just one of those days. 😏

Meter Reading: 563 Units