Sunday 18 July 2021

17th July 2021 - Back To Back Tidal Trip To Stangate Creek

Departure Port: Allington Marina
Departure Time: 07:18
Departure Port Location: Gibraltar Ln, Maidstone, UK
Destination Port: Allington Marina
Destination Arrival Time: 18:00
Destination Port Location: Gibraltar Ln, Maidstone, UK

Location HW: Allington Lock
High Water: 19:10
Location LW: Rochester
Low Water: 12:20

Trip Engine Hours (h:mm:ss): 6:08:00
Total Waypoint Stop Time (h:mm:ss): 4:34:00
Total Trip Time (h:mm:ss): 10:42:00
Trip Distance (nm): 41.8 nm
Fuel Added: 0 L
Fuel Usage (litres): 45.98
Engine Hours (Decimal): 6.13 h

Waypoint 1: Allington Lock
Waypoint 1 Position: Castle Road, Maidstone
Waypoint 1 Stop: 07:27
Waypoint 1 Start: 07:46
Waypoint 2: Port Medway
Waypoint 2 Location: Hoop Doet Leven Brambletree Wharf, Wouldham Rd, Rochester
Waypoint 2 Stop: 08:57
Waypoint 2 Start: 10:25
Waypoint 3: Stangate Creek
Waypoint 3 Location: 51.4056219, 0.6939559
Waypoint 3 Stop: 12:12
Waypoint 3 Start: 13:46
Waypoint 4: Port Medway
Waypoint 4 Location: Hoop Doet Leven Brambletree Wharf, Wouldham Rd, Rochester
Waypoint 4 Stop: 15:30
Waypoint 4 Start: 16:30
Waypoint 5: Allington Lock
Waypoint 5 Location: Castle Road, Maidstone
Waypoint 5 Stop: 17:40
Waypoint 5 Start: 17:53

Sky State: Clear Sky
Precipitation: Dry
Wind Speed (kts): 3 Gentle Breeze 7-10
Wind Direction: NE, E
Temperature (c): 26 ℃
Pressure (mb): 1030 bar
Visibility (metre/Miles): Good >5M
Sea State: Slight 0.5-1.25m, River Conditions

Crew Names: Ray & Annette +
Cruise Notes: With two perfect tides it was to good to miss a chance of a full days run from Allington to Standard Creek out in the Medway Estuary. Departed early and locked through Allington Lock into the tidal Medway. A beautiful morning cruise with our first port of call to our friends on 'Odd Daisy B' at Port Medway Marina for breakfast, rafted up safely and enjoyed a leisurely breakfast with them before setting off once more heading out into the estuary, steady cruise at 1400rpm with not many other vessels about. Arrived at Stangate Creek and laid and set our anchor then lunch, on a very sunny, hot day. After lunch we lifted the anchor and commenced our return journey upriver back to Allington. Many more sailing vessels about during the afternoon which meant keeping a keen lookout for sailing yachts tacking in front of us, all good fun. Passing through Rochester we called up 'Odd Daisy B' again as we had been offered afternoon tea as well. Again rafted safely beside her while we enjoyed a cup of tea. At 16:30 we set off for Allington lock with an incoming tide and made good time, arriving at Allington Lock with plenty of water beneath us. Passed through the lock then a short trip to our home berth in Allington Marina. A great day out with one of the longest single day trips in the log book.

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