Monday, 16 September 2019

16th September 2019

Departure Port: Allington Marina
Departure Time: 13:39
Departure Port Location: Gibraltar Ln, Maidstone, UK
Waypoint 1: Allington Lock
Waypoint 1 Position: The Boathouse, Allington Lock, Castle Road, Maidstone
Waypoint 1 Stop: 13:50
Waypoint 1 Start: 14:06
Destination Port: Chatham Marina
Destination Arrival Time: 15:56
Destination Port Location: 187 Leviathan Way, Chatham ME4 4LP, UK
High Water At Destination: 15:03

Total Trip Time (h:mm:ss): 2:17:00
Trip Distance (nm): 12.2
Total Waypoint Stop Time (h:mm:ss): 16:00
Fuel Usage (litres): 15.78
Trip Engine Hours (h:mm:ss): 2:01:00
Engine Hours (Decimal): 2 h
Fuel Added: 0 L

Sky State: Heavy Clouds
Preciptation: Light Rain
Wind Speed (kts): 1 Light Air 1-3
Wind Direction: N
Temperature (c): 18 ℃
Pressure (mb): 1021 bar
Visibility (metre/Miles): Moderate 2M-5M
Sea State: Rippled 0.1m

Crew Names: Ray & Annette + 
Cruise Notes: Following lift in we departed from Allington Marina, passed through Allington Lock and headed back to Chatham Marina. Considerable rubbish in the river as far down as the Hawkwood Stone. After passing Snodland we were passed, at high speed, by a flotilla of high speed army assault craft going up river. Not sure who was more surprised us or the army. A rapid decrease in speed by them and a few exciting moments as we rode the waves! Arrived safely at Chatham.

Meter Reading: 543 Units