Sunday, 26 May 2019

26th May 2019

Departure Port: Chatham Marina 
Departure Time: 11:07 
Departure Port Location: 187 Leviathan Way, Chatham
Waypoint 1: Keyhole Reach 
Waypoint 1 Position: Upchurch, UK 
Waypoint 1 Stop: 12:00 
Waypoint 1 Start: 12:00 
Waypoint 2: Chatham Visitors
Waypoint 2 Location: Montague Place, Quayside, Chatham 
Waypoint 2 Stop: 13:04 
Waypoint 2 Start: 13:50 
Waypoint 3: Rochester 
Waypoint 3 Location: Hathaway Ct, Esplanade, Rochester 
Waypoint 3 Stop: 14:15 
Waypoint 3 Start: 14:15 
Total Waypoint Stop Time: 46:00 
Destination Port: Chatham Marina 
Destination Arrival Time: 15:00 
Destination Port Location: 187 Leviathan Way, Chatham 
High Water At Destination: 17:49 
Low Water At Destination: 11:20

Total Trip Time (h:mm:ss): 3:53:00 
Trip Distance (nm): 18.7 
Trip Engine Hours (h:mm:ss): 3:07:00 
Fuel Usage (litres): 24.54 
Engine Hours (Decimal): 3.11 h 
Fuel Added: 0 L

Sky State: Partly Cloudy
Precipitation: Dry 
Wind Speed (kts): 4 Moderate Breeze 11-16 
Temperature (c): 18 ℃ 
Pressure (mb): 1015 bar 
Visibility (metre/Miles): Good >5M 
Sea State: Smooth 0.1-0.5m

Crew Names: Ray & Annette + Amie, Danny, Glen & Zoe 
Cruise Notes: Short cruise out to run up the engines and wash off sea weed built up around trim tabs. Departed from Chatham and worked our way through the many sailing yachts out on the Medway Regatta. The girls decided to sunbath on the bow but on turning at Keyhole Reach the change of tide, wind and direction soon forced them back to the wheelhouse (watch the video below). Moored back to Chatham for lunch then up the Rochester before returning to Chatham, by this time windy, heavy cloud and choppy water.

Meter Reading: 538 Units